9 levels of lift in one application

nine levels bleaching formula

in one application

A Luxurious lightening bleaching formula that offers extraordinary cosmetic results: it lifts 9 levels in one application. This revolutionary technology is based on the dissolvence of the varying pigments that make up the hair color to offer a steady constant lift that is revolutionary in it’s kind.

500gr / 17.63 Oz

megix Lift-9 500gr Mowan

Characteristics and Benefits


controlled and steady lift with lower levels of developer


provides controlled lift and a clean brilliant result


non swelling, non flaky creamy consistency


maintains the strength and integrity of the hair fibre

Technical Information

Light dances in shades. It contours the face and gives movement and shape to hair.
Megix | Lift9 offers maximum creativity with 3 different techniques
using only one product.


A “New Generation” technique that is facilitated with this time efficient bleaching formula. megix | Lift9 allows 9 levels of lift in less processing time and in one application offering controlled positioning and perfect lift.
The pureness of the blonde reached is beyond any other traditional bleach, offering stylist total creative expression.

Foil Highlights

Varying the level of Developer allows for alternating hues of lift with total control and in complete respect of the hair fibre. The creamy, no swell formula provides clean technique and results.
Efficient one process lift allows the desired level of blonde and often results in minimal toning and correction required as with traditional bleaches.

Whole Head

The revolutionary Megix | Lift9 bleaching formula is ideal for on and off Root Bleaching.
By using varying levels of developer it provides control on roots and ends while guaranteeing and protecting the health of hair and scalp. The one time application avoids double processing and reduces service time avoiding scalp sensibility.
Perfect results, every time!

megix Lift 9 30gr Mowan

Available also in 30gr x 12pcs Size.

“the right light at the right moment can make
almost anything look extraordinary”

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