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26 July 2019

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“My way of looking at it is that there is no logical way to get new ideas, and no logical reconstruction of this process.

My point of view can be expressed by saying that every discovery contains an “irrational element” or a “creative intuition”. ”

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The myth tells that Sir Isaac Newton elaborated the gravitational force theory after observing an apple falling from a tree in his garden. Albert Einstein, on the other hand, had his greatest intuitions when he played the violin. The Coca-Cola company, originally, was supposed to be a medicine. 

Discoveries by chance, or serendipity, are not so rare. Quite the contrary.

Behind every rational decision hides a creative process, an irrational push which, finding itself on the opposite side of scientific reasoning, touches it from afar, igniting a spark that radiates the light of discovery and illuminates our decisions.

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Coffee in Italy is a real ritual that is repeated at least 3 times a day. Coffee marks the times of the day and marks the pauses: those pauses that are sometimes decisive and lighten the mind, making us more lucid and productive.

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Surely the hand of coffee has something to do with it 🙂 Do you


In all the decisions, including those on Business, we Italians move in those small spaces of sharing and creative thinking, accompanied by a good coffee.

This is why we want to invite you to our stand, to share our cosmetic formulation experiences with you in just a few minutes, where we have deepened our technology by researching the novelty, looking into simplicity and revolutionizing everything that seemed to have already been overcome, illuminating it below a new light.

it’s true, ten minutes can really change everything.

Visit us and find out how to increase your business with made in italy cosmetics.

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