Hair stylists, hair experts:

the color you use in your salon,
but with 10 minutes exposure only!

Higher perfomances, new technology.
Perform up to 67% more colour services every month, increase your salon income and stand out from the competition with megix|10!

An innovative experience

Professional hair coloring like you
have always imagined it should be!

  • 10 minutes for high perfomance color.
  • 5 minutes for toning.
  • 20 minutes for highlift.

Partial touch-ups and perfect hair are
now timely and accessible to all. 

A Tale Of Two

A story without Megix10

I worked an hour longer today
and only earned $500!

A story with megix10

I worked an hour less today and
earned over $800!

The megix10 difference

previous 10 minute hair colouring systems...


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