made in italy hair cosmetics - mowan megix 10 hair cosmetics - mowan megix 10 ten minutes can change, everything

time efficient spectrum technology

hair colouring system with enhanced chromatic coalescence

Years of research and development have produced a revolutionary hair colouring system  unique in its kind, today offering increased performance, efficiency and peace of mind. Today you can have superior results while safeguarding your health and your hair.

100ml / 3,52 fl.Oz

10 minutes processing time

10 times safer

10 times healthier hair

10 times more softness and shine

10 + 8 aminoacids

10 out of 10 in in cromatic intensity

10 out of 10 in grey coverage

10 x 8 shades

10 times more efficient hair colouring service

10 minutes to fall in love with YOURSELF!

An innovative experience

professional hair colouring like your have always imagined it should be

hair cosmetics - mowan megix 10 hair color tube


10 minutes for high performance color, 5 minutes for toning and 20 minutes for highlift. Partial touch ups and perfect hair are now timely and accessible to all.


Contact time of color on hair and scalp is reduced and consequently so is are risks of future allergies and intolerances due to long processing times and over exposure.

hair cosmetics - mowan megix 10 hair color tube


With more time freed up it leaves space for clients to incorporate treatments and services in the same appointment, increasing customer satisfaction and salon revenue.

peace of mind

The ability to achieve superior performance compared to traditional colors in considerably less time. Respects the highest EU standards.
Dermatologically tested.


keraveg-18 Mowan hair cosmetics

A unique complex of 18 vegetable amino acids that restore hair’s natural health while hair color is developing. Anti age properties combat deterioration of hair and scalp and protect against atmospheric damage. Totally regenerates the hair fibre providing unsurpassed results.

Beyond hair color
Beyond intensive reconstructive properties
Beyond its efficiency and ease

It reduces chemical impact
to only 10 minutes

how is it different

to previous 10 minute colors?

previous 10 minute hair colouring systems...

They use a “booster” effect: they have a higher load of pigments and higher levels of ammonia.

They have difficulty in lightening natural hair.

The colour is progressive after 10 minutes of processing the oxidation continues giving a darker level in respect to the chosen shade.

The high concentration of pigments can increase scalp sensitivity and create break lines with prolonged use.

The high percentage of ammonia causes damage to the hair and affects the duration of the color.

It is necessary to mix the fashion shades with the natural tones to obtain grey coverage.

With continued use the high concentration of pigments makes hair dull and brittle, and progressively darker with each application.

Rarely is is the result true to color swatch, but instead darker and more matte.

megix 10 logo

Our exclusive spectrum technology allows the use of low levels of ammonia and pigments.

A new technology that copulates the pigments together in order to make them oxidize in the shortest time possible.

Lightens natural hair up to 2 levels and up to 3 ½ with the Highlift series.

Even beyond 10 minutes of processing the color remains true to the chosen level and reflect.

Lower pigment levels and reduced processing time avoids over exposure to chemicals and scalp and skin sensitization.

Low ammonia levels reduces stress on hair and provides less fade, for a longer lasting color.

Total coverage without mixing the fashion shades with the natural tones.

why is it different to traditional hair colors?

As opposed to traditional hair color, megix|10 with “Spectrum Technology”, processes in only 10 minutes.
The base and the copulants in megix|10 need an processing inferior time to bond together and develop a permanent hair color.
Undergoing years of research and thousands of tests to find the perfect combination of micro pigments that had a predisposition to developing at a faster rate, guaranteeing exceptional coverage and vibrant shades with long lasting hold.

megix|TR+ Deep Hydrating Mousse

Deep conditioning and enriched with keraveg-18, a complex of 18 plant-derived amino-acids that provides hydration and nourshment, leaving hair silky, shiny and manageable. A perfect balance between hydration and weightlessness.

Suitable for multiple uses:
In combination with megix|morph
Added to the megix|morph it creates a deep conditioning and hydrating treatment. (10parts of morpH + 1 part of mousse).

Home Use
Used regurarly Deep Hydrating Mousse gives elasticity and shine to the hair and protect it from external agents. Prolongs color.

size: 300 ml / 10.14 fl.Oz

logo megix 1 up
megix 1 up performance improver

150ml / 5.07 fl.Oz

1 step ahead of the rest

1 up - on enhanced color performance

1 up - on protection and shine

1 up - on anti-age and regeneration

A unique and innovative product, enriched with keraveg-18, niacin vitamins and polyamine sugars that responds to multiple salon needs. Increases grey hair coverage, especially on resistant hair. Equalizes pH and porosity for improved and even color deposit. Protects hair during lightening and bleaching. Provides increased protection for sensitive scalps. Thermal protection during styling. Protects against humidity and environmental damage. During styling seals cuticle and increases shine. Anti-age formula provides rejuvenation.

use directions

Before color services or bleaching
apply to scalp and hair and dry. Proceed with service as usual.

Before a reconstructive treatment
apply to lengths before applying treatment.

Before styling
apply to damp hair and distribute evenly with a comb. Proceed with styling.

auxiliary products

discover the products that complete the line


A unique and innovative product, enriched with keraveg-18, that transforms megix|10 color into a mild acid toner


100 ml / 3,38 fl.Oz

hair and body mist

A fragrance that floats with your emotions

size: 100ml/3.38 fl.Oz

hair colouring system - megix post service shampoo

Cleanses delicately, eliminating any trace of color without altering the pH of skin and hair.


250 ml / 8,4 fl.Oz

1Lt / 33,8 fl.Oz

hair colouring system - megix post service treatment

A rich treatment that provides shine and silkiness after chemical services. Balances the pH by sealing the cuticle and safeguarding the vibrancy of the color.


250 ml / 8,4 fl.Oz

1Lt / 33,8 fl.Oz

megix|SH Hydrating Silver Shampoo

Hydrating shampoo with blue/violet pigment designed specifically to cancel yelow tones in hair. Hydrating silver shampoo will cleanse and nourise hair while canceling out gold/yellow tones.

size: 250 ml / 8.4 fl.

Oz 1000 ml / 33.8 fl.Oz

hair colouring system - megix fix cream activator

Transform megix|10 colors into toners and give a new life to your color. Allows colors to deposit without altering the structure of the hair.


1Lt / 33,8 fl.Oz

hair colouring system - megix developer 12 vol

Peroxide developers specifically calibrated to bring out the best in megix|10 colors . Delicate and fluid creates a homogeneous and easy to apply coloration.


1Lt / 33,8 fl.Oz