time can change, everything.

our mission

high performances hair cosmetics

Mowan’s mission is to be faithful to the real needs of the current hairdressing market, to provide the tools that can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of each service while freeing quality time for clients to choose how to invest it; whether it be for other services or more productive and pleasurable personal time.

our creed

time can change, everything

This is the belief that guides our every action.

It is the guideline that propels us towards new frontiers in formulation.

It is our promise to you that times change and we are willing to change with them.
Are you ready to make the change with us?

our story

When one is born into an industry, we filled with its very essence. It is as if fate has directed our path and we must simply heeds its calling and follow.
When their ancestors began the pace of the clientele was more relaxed and the salon was a meeting place where people went to take care of their hair but also to meet, speak and listen.

Over the years the salon vibe changed: customers were in more of a hurry, they wanted peace and quiet rather than gossip, and they demanded a professional approach more than a confidant. Although the clients needs and desires changed the procedures around technical services remained almost unaltered.

Sure the quality of the products and the stylists technical know had made giant leaps forward, but the service time remained unchanged, until one day a new technology presented itself on the market with ways to shorten processing time, but even here there was a price to be paid, it was still to the detriment of a qualitative service, and the industry remained skeptical.

After many years of incessant research, Mowan presented a real and valid answer: Megix|10. A color that effectively reduced the processing time, not because it was more aggressive but because it was more chemically efficient. So simple and so revolutionary, they themselves were surprised by the results.

Today Megix|10 is the pioneer in hair color forging a new road for maximum efficiency coloring in the shortest possible time. The dermatologically tested formula leads the way for all the Mowan range: every product with the intention to make each salon service more efficient in terms of outcome and time necessary for execution.

our values


For our industry;
For the people we choose, and who choose us as partners;
For the over all health of the people who choose us;


In striving to make a difference through excellence;
In growing and helping others to grow;
In the daily actions performed with love and sincerity;


With concreteness, loyalty and honesty;
With know-how that enriches the professional;
With the creation of each new project;

our vision

Imagine an industry where the client feels the desire to care for her hair, where lengthy and drawn out service times are long gone, where taking care of one’s beauty is a pleasure, and time flies, where the results are so extraordinary that the client can’t stop smiling. It is our vision and we move towards it every day

our quality

For Mowan, quality is an essential element that we take very seriously.
It is a value that shows through to our clients and is reinforced through dermatological tests that guarantee product safety.
Quality also means being able to rethink the hairdressers time line, offering him ideal tools to obtain the best performances in the shortest possible time, with the utmost attention to every step of the service, along with the quality that our MADE IN ITALY products offer.

our sense of time

Simplifying application and reducing the PROCESSING time, with a focus on excellent results, is the goal that guides every product we launch Into the market.
The reasons that guide this are many, and and go far beyond the need for speed: we define them as S.M.A.R.T.


Minimizing contact time with hair color is currently the only way to reduce the chances of allergies, and skin discomfort such as itching, burning and dryness.The shorter processing times of Mowan products can lower the chances of skin problems by 70%, since allergies begin to appear after 20-25 minutes of contact with the skin.Furthermore many of the Mowan products are dermatologically tested on real people by the University of Pavia to ensure further safety for every stylist and client.


One of the reasons a customer avoids having a color or salon treatment is due to personal time restraints: time that often one does not have, or prefers to invest in other priorities. Being able to provide customers with a timely service with results that are equal, if not superior to traditional colors, is a motivation for customers to attend the salon more regularly for technical services.


Creativity is often time consuming. We at Mowan aim to free it up so that the stylist has time for creative expression. Not only shorter processing times but also simpler application techniques with impactful results for more current trends.


The amount of technical services that can be performed in a working day, such as color, have a limit. Even though fast operators can perform a higher amount of services, it often makes for a chaotic work space and a client who is often waiting for a work station to free up. Instead with shorter and more efficient service times, time is also freed up for add on services and client interaction.


Often speed is oddly mistaken for a lower quality service but in an age in which technology allows us to do the unlikely in shorter and shorter time frames we are obliged to review this archaic thought. Technology has allowed us to develop formulas that are effective, efficient and perform above and beyond what was possible only a few years ago. Its time to get with the times.